Different Loudness Ranges for Console and Mobile Games

ITU/EBU Loudness metering comes to Wwise

Sneak preview of the HDR feature set in Wwise as seen at #migs 2012 http://t.co/K2eyxXCQ

Mixing session for the #MIGS with Simon Ashby and Louis-Xavier Buffoni at GameOn

Audiokinetic Forums: Wwise Discussions

Through the Looking Glass Forum – Stealing Sound: Generative Music in Thief 

Mix Online: Technology Spotlight: Audiokinetic Wwise – STREAMLINED PRODUCTION FOR VIDEOGAMES

Mix Online: Field Test: Audiokinetic Wwise 2007.1 Videogame Software – TOOLS FOR INTERACTIVE MUSIC AND AUDIO SPATIALIZATION

A ton about BioShock Infinite’s tech

•BioShock 1’s audio system was… umm… “sub-optimal”. This time around our sound team demanded a new audio pipeline based on AudioKinetic’s WWise technology that supported 5.1 with adjustable dynamic range and a fully dynamic mixing system. Not only did our engineers rise to that task, but they subsequently took it up a notch and implemented both a custom sound propagation system (so voices properly echo down corridors and around buildings) and a dynamic wind audio system that reinforces the dynamic weather in the world.

Audio Implementation Greats #1: Audio Toolsets Part 1


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