XACT to the Extreme: Game Audio Building Blocks for Programmers and Content Creators
Brian Schmidt, Scott Selfon

A Field Guide to the XACT Authoring Tool
Scott Selfon, Scott Morgan, Brian Schmidt

Power to the Core: Audio Foundations on Microsoft Platforms
Brian Schmidt

XAudio 2 Goes Green: Making Game Audio a Sustainable Resource

Brian Schmidt, Dugan Porter

Learn to Speak XAudio 2 Like a Pro: Translating from DirectSound and XAudio
Brian Schmidt, Ian Lewis, Dugan Porter

XMA: Ndrstndg Prseptul Adyo Cmprshn
Ian Lewis, Scott Selfon

Positioning Yourself for 3D: X3DAudio and Sound Spatialization
Duncan McKay, Scott Selfon

Paint-by-Noise: Practical DSP Implementation Techniques
Ian Lewis

xAPOs Mark the Spot: The DSP Implementation Framework for XAudio 2
Duncan McKay

Case Study: Shadowrun: Magic, Tech, and Guns, Oh My! Audio at the Service of Gameplay within the Constraints of a Multiplayer-only Title
Tobin Buttram, Audio Director, Microsoft Game Studios

Dolby Digital 5.1: Taking it Back to the Basics
Matt Tullis, Dolby Laboratories

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – xAPOs: Build Your Own "Sound Shaders"

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – XACT Audio Field Guide

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – XAudio 2 Advanced

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – Codifying Microsoft Game Audio Codecs

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – XAudio 2: An Acoustic Architecture

Microsoft Gamefest 2008 Europe – Audio Blueprints: Microsoft Platform Audio Architecture 101

Microsoft Gamefest Unplugged 2007 Europe: XACT Rebooted – New Features in the Microsoft Cross-Platform Audio Creation Tool

Microsoft Gamefest Unplugged 2007 Europe: Critical Audio Analysis-Audio Content Reviews and Beyond

Microsoft Gamefest Unplugged 2007 Europe: Tools, Glorious Tools – An Overview of Microsoft Audio Tools, Libraries and Utilities


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