Top 10 Viewed Posts of All Time

Top 10 Viewed Posts of All Time

UDK SoundCue: Distance Crossfade for 1st / 3rd person sounds 81
WwiseUnity: A Wwise DLL for Unity. It comes as a plugin (DLL) and is used inside Unity w/ Script files (C#) 74
Procedural Audio in Unity’s Bootcamp Demo (v 1.0) (Non-binauralisation version) 44
Using FMOD and simple music visualizer demo code and slides are up 42
gmwwise: Game Maker Wwise. A plugin for Game Maker to use Audiokinetic Wwise 42
Gamasutra Interview: Jon Mak Sound Shapes On Vita’s ‘Swiss Army Knife Of Stuff’ 41
Microsoft Download Center – DirectX 8.1: DirectMusic Producer 40
wwisesharp: WwiseSharp is a C++ Lib, contained by a C++/CLR Wrapper DLL. Allows Wwise functionality inside .NET (VB.Net, C#, XNA etc…) 40
Introduction to Audio API’s, Comparison between Xact, FMOD, Wwise, And Unreal 39
Unity Music Manager 38

Middleware is on fire!

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